Instructions for Presentations

  • You can use any tool that can record the image of your screen and your webcam: Zoom, Google Meet, Loom, etc.
  • The video should be recorded from a notebook or desktop with a good webcam or computer webcam. We do not recommend recording from a cell phone, due to the need to include presentation slides.
  • After recording, you must post the video on youtube in the “unlisted” privacy and submit via the form.
    The maximum length of your video is 5 minutes.
  • The videos must be available for viewing by conference participants during all 2 days of the event.
  • Choose a location where you feel comfortable and at ease for recording.
  • Give preference to environments with matte or neutral colors, making the ambient light absorbed and not reflected.
  • Observe if there are objects in your video frame that may attract more attention than you, or surfaces that may reflect light, such as pictures, mirrors, etc.
  • Check if there is any mark in your frame that may conflict with the event sponsors.
  • As possible, seek an environment isolated from noise or that can be closed to isolate the capture of external noise as much as the movements of the street, airplane, children, animals, etc. Avoid environments that produce echo.
  • Position yourself in front of where light is entering, taking care not to leave shadows. Do not record against the light: the camera must have its back to the light.
  • Use clothes that contrast with your background: dark background, light clothes and light background, dark clothes.

Any doubts you can contact the organization